Ok, I'm going to try and make this work. The rules of this are simple:
- Post the next two or three paragraphs in this story.
- Every post has to be coherent with the last post.
- Please, no posting anything that is not story
- Keep it clean.
- Remember, the genre is fantasy.

So I'll start:


Gwen knew that if she didn't make a desicion quickly, she could lose her life. She could either run out of the inn and expose herself to the night creatures, or stay and fight the six weapon-laden thugs single-handed. With no prior experience in fighthing, either choice would be suicidal.

The thugs approached her, trying to corner her against a wall. She clutched the bottle of sweet beer- the only weapon she had.

"íJanis!" she yelled.

"The inn-keeper is dead, lady," the chief thug said. "And soon, you will be dead too. That's what happens for not paying due tribute to the Governor."