A friend of mine was published by Flame Tree Publishing, so I looked them up... and found they've an imprint, Flame Tree 451. The latter's for sf/f/h ebooks.

FTP suggests you read about them on Wikipedia. That's a first -- at least for me. 8)

Flame Tree isn't listed by P-E (yes, I know, I saw the triple rhyme there; sorry).

When I found the Flame Tree 451 subs file, it wouldn't load, unlike their submissions page. Anyone here involved with this imprint? Or the main publisher?

FYI: I did recognize a few authors who were published by Electric Velocipede (I was staff at EV). And of course the classic authors they're reprinting--

I have a few thoughts about FT 451's WordPress pages, but I'll let everyone else give 'em a look first, eh?