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Thread: Writing about a haunted house, it's past is missing

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    Writing about a haunted house, it's past is missing

    Greetings, after a long dormancy, I have returned with a new author brand. I was getting that together and now have found one.

    I live in a haunted house which is located in Minnesota. The homeowner, which is my manager/mother has nicknamed the house Proud Land. I am currently working on the novel based upon the paranormal log I have started.

    We have searched for years about the house's history/past, but have came up empty. We went to our Anoka County government center, Anoka County historical library, city hall etc. They are only able to go back to 1959 from the city hall and government center. Many documents we found out were lost. However through the city hall's information and a neighbor's mother told us the house had been vacant for 12 to 15 years. Throughout from 1959, the house has been vacant and previous homeowners has never stayed more than a year in the house (from a year, month, weeks and even days), because due to the house's activity. Neighbors are unwilling to share about the house's legends/past/history previous owners really. I researched and found out there was a fire in the city hall, losing most of its records and documents. We do not know who built the house, when it was built or anything. We do not know what dark past the house had. Due to the house's dark/negative and bizarre activity, we believe something dark happened. When searching for ourselves, nothing comes up. On the property information, it says the estimate date is 1910. So not even Anoka County knows when the house was built. I wished to include the house's past in the novel, but this has been difficult.

    We have contacted many local and non-local paranormal teams and they have never been able to find anything. We have information though already about the history of Columbia Heights, which is not much, but enough for the book. There are next door neighbors who has been in the neighborhood since 1952, but they are unwilling to share information about previous owners or any dark things. They have even given us false information. They are just unfriendly neighbors. We have recently contacted Dead Files, TAPS, Ghost Adventures etc. to see if they can pull up something.
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