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Thread: Horse-riding for Old People

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    Horse-riding for Old People

    So. When I was a tiny, I had a horse, but never learned how to ride it properly. I just rode it, and the horse and I had a kind of Understanding that sometimes it would go where I wanted it to and sometimes it wouldn't. Then when I was in my thirties and living overseas, I had access to another horse who was frankly not quite as Understanding but sort of adorable in its own way. I probably rode him quite well, three or four times a week for the three years that we lived there. He didn't hate me or anything, and he went pretty much as I wanted him to. I did love him, and I think he was quietly fond of me in his own way.

    Not I'm quite old and I'd like to take horse-riding lessons again.

    Should someone talk me out of this? Is it sensible?
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