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Thread: Credits on LinkedIn

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    Credits on LinkedIn

    I'm not a big social media fan. My credits on LinkedIn are primarily for my software business (i.e. my sideline) with instructions to contact me through the appropriate union for acting jobs (my main career). Since some of my contacts in the entertainment industry occasionally stumble across my profile and I haven't been acting much lately, I wanted to include a few writing credits.

    The trouble is that I haven't done much. I have had one screenplay optioned (the film is now in development). For three consecutive years, my stage plays have been finalists in national or international writing competitions. The first draft of the screenplay was a quarter finalist in a rather prestigious screenwriting contest run by a major studio. Is it acceptable in the profession to list these "accomplishments"? My gut tells me that I should include only contests that I have won and only scripts that have been produced. But that leaves me with basically no writing credits and makes me feel like I haven't accomplished anything get.
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