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writera and Sonya, those are excellent points!! I'm still very much on the fence regarding whether I want to submit a manuscript--I do have one in mind, but it's dark with an unlikeable narrator and I'm not sure how well that would go over . There's also the sticking point of that six month exclusivity period....
I absolutely get the appeal, don't get me wrong. When I first heard about it I was like 'Wow! What a great chance for a huge contract!' And then I considered if that was something I, personally, would ever want to get caught up in and realised it wasn't. I just feel like it's a publisher exploiting a lot of people and making others do the slush reading for them. And even then, aspiring authors with not much skill but with a big social media presence will do "better" and have a higher chance of getting picked up. Just. Icky.

I feel the same way about people getting famous in music or dance or anything else via a publicly-judged reality show. Writers can be pretty shy, and this is forcing them into a situation that doesn't feel all that good.