I am considering what the best format would be for the book that I may attempt to publish someday.

I am currently in the process of researching, translating, and writing several short pieces on South Korean numismatics (coins). These articles are about an individual coin, or set of coins released at the same time at some time in the past.

In this book that I am envisioning, I would assemble all of these small pieces into a full-color text, with lots of graphics. I'd like to include lots of images, such as corner-to-corner sharp images of the coins themselves, preliminary pencil design-sketches and other documents from the Korean minting authority's archives, etc. I'd also want captions with those images, along with diagrams, and small "side-bar" type articles related to the the historical background in which these coins emerged.

I'm thinking that the best format might be a larger, coffee-table size book. People have directed me to either Blurb or Createspace for publishing, but I'll deal with that once I've figured out in what kind of text I'd like to present this writing.

To really get an idea of the kind of writing and graphics that I want to include, just google "30th anniversary of liberation coin" and the first search result you'll see is my last article that I put up as a webpage, with links to some others at the top of that page. I'm not done with writing all of these articles (which would end up being the sections/chapters of this proposed "book").

I would just like other's ideas of how such a book could be presented.