Title: Staking Cinderella

Author: Kate Morgan (pen name of Alice Loweecey/Calla Lily)

Paperback and ebook: 291 pages

Publisher: Dark Recesses Press (April 18, 2019)

Language: English



Gavin’s got a serious problem. A “praise Jee-sus,” rich-bitch caught him fanging—and banging—his Halloween date. Now she’s playing Holy Vampire Killer, and it’s ticking him off.

Since then, Gavin’s found someone better to occupy his mind and heart. Isolde—in bed, on the couch, in the shower. She has a thing for Disney princesses, but he’s willing to overlook it. Women like her only come around once or twice in five hundred years. He knows.

When Isolde is kidnapped to bait a deathtrap for Gavin, he's torn between two truths...abandoning Isolde is unthinkable, but rescuing her could mean death for both of them.

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