My debut is coming out in trade publication in January and in a few weeks time I'm attending my very first con (BFS FantasyCon, Nottingham UK).

I'm already booked on a discussion panel at the con, which is cool, and now I've been invited to give a reading as well. Naturally I've jumped at the chance but having never been to a con before I've never even heard a public reading, much less given one.

I'm not scared of public speaking (I give a lot of corporate business presentations in my day job) but this is obviously going to be a bit different so I'm hoping some of the more experienced folks on here could offer me some basic advice about how it's supposed to work.

Do I just read from the start of chapter one and hope to pull my listeners in, or pick a good bit in the middle which may not make as much sense without the context but is more action-ish, or what? Should I try to act the character voices (sort of), or read it all like a narrator?

I've got a 15 minute slot to read, with 5 mins for Q&A afterwards. 15 minutes sounds like a *long* time to stand there and read a story out loud!

Any advice very gratefully accepted.