Francis seems to be stirring the waters again, this time on the very vexed issue of abortion. According to this report
The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a sin that could be grounds for excommunication. Women in the Catholic Church who have had abortions have been able to confess, but the pope has expanded the number of priests who can hear their confession during the upcoming year that will be considered a "year of mercy."

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I'm interested in a reforming Pope, and I wonder how reformable the Church actually might be? I'm also wondering how reforms might play out in nations that still adhere to earlier dogmas - especially in the developing world. I wonder if a Francis-styled approach to Catholicism might lead to the an upswing in the kind of relevance the Church is missing now - and whether a groundswell of that sort might be strong enough to topple the hierarchy who'd prefer to stick to the old dispensation.

The Church Political: it will be interesting to see what it's made of today, I think. How will it play?