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There's a weird schizophrenia in the country-western music genre, between hardcore evangelical Christianity and knee-jerk flag-waving "patriotism", and celebration of drinking, promiscuity, infidelity, divorce, general carousing, jail, and even, today, casual recreational drug use. Somehow all those things have managed to be amalgamated into a musical art form.

My all-time favorite C&W anthem is "Faster Horses", which features the lines: "It's faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money." Find Jesus anywhere in that one, and you're ahead of me.

Pretty much sums up country music-a mix. Although having worked in country radio for years (but not since the 90s), I don't remember a lot of Jesus/Christianity in most of the songs. They were generally about wimmin, beer, occasionally a truck (kind of bro country), we were still playing a bit of Hank, Jr., so there was that bad boy flavor as well (I WISH that station would play Waylon's kid Shooter, whose album "put the O back in country" (how can you beat the title?) was killer. And there are those who "found Jesus on the jailhouse floor" as George Strait would say, so I guess kind of a bad boy/Christian theme!

Actually country became a lot more rock oriented. We certainly were not playing anything like Big and Rich, which sounds a lot more like rock than straight ahead country, but then again, some of Shania's stuff (most of her stuff) was hard to classify as "country." for rodeos, they'll sometimes have music on for the bulls and it's not country--usually some balls to the wall metal to get the adrenalin going!