My family and close friends have all sorts of religious beliefs... some of them are fundamental Christians, some of them Catholics, Baptists, Agnostics and Atheists. I think i do have some friends that might share Zalmoxian neo-pagan beliefs, but i am not sure of it

Anyway, when speaking with family about such issues, care should be considered especially if fundamentalism is involved.

I generally avoid speaking about religion as much as I can. There is a saying: „speak with your friends about soccer, about food, about woman, but avoid religion and politics”. I generally stick to it. Although basically an Eastern Orthodox, years of reading trough theological literature and certain personal experiences had driven me to certain religious opinions that could be considered rather bizarre by most people. I prefer to keep them for myself.

As one of my late friends thought me, once we go into the world, we start reading, we start learning, discovering new things, than we begin to realise that not all what we had been taught is true. Then, we go our own paths of discovery and we find our own ways to understand the Life and Universe.