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Thread: Where Can I Sell This? The NYC MTA Rejected It For Subway Use...

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    Sockpuppet Errant Lobe's Avatar
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    Jul 2015

    Where Can I Sell This? The NYC MTA Rejected It For Subway Use...

    The Do's and Don't's of Public Transit

    Cause no more grimaces,
    Learn what true justice is.
    Be what coolness is,
    Don't eat on buses.

    Carry on civilly.
    Don't scribe graffiti.
    Don't be a spitter.
    Be better! Don't litter!

    Do not panhandle.
    Be an example!
    Be honest, admit it!
    You sometimes solicit.

    Don't ever smoke,
    Arrest, is no joke!
    Act civilized,
    Don't vandalize.

    Don't carry weapons,
    Be wise when you get on.
    Let me tell you again,
    It's no drink on the train!

    Be a good neighbor,
    And each will ride safer.
    Please do your share,
    And pay your fare.

    ( I am still playing around with it.)

    Don't be contrary,
    Please ride discreetly.
    Don't be unfair,
    And pay your fare.

    In a moment of madness I sent a version of this to the New York City MTA to see if they could use it.
    They rejected it.

    Does anybody know who could buy this?
    Last edited by Errant Lobe; 08-17-2015 at 07:33 AM.

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