I've been having a discussion with a Win7 laptop about Windows Update which has turned into an epic saga. This lappy was handed over to the non-profit I work for in a sad state; ancient inactive AV, no firewall active, Office installed but not activated. But worst of all, no updates installed, and Windwoes Updater incapable of connecting to any updates! I wasted a lot of time trying to repair the update service, did things that should have worked several times over. No wupdates.

Finally, I gave up in disgust and downloaded the well-respected Windows Updates Downloader. It snagged a few years' worth of Microslop in minutes. Then, lazy thing that I am, I Ducked around until I found a batchfile of pure gold to install them in bunches. The one I used is in the comments down by the bottom, posted by "brdavis" (apparently having a Bad Internet Day, because it's triple-posted!).

It's not as easy as the way it's supposed to be, but when Windwoes has broken bits, you have to do what you can. I feared to re-install because Dell offers too little driver support for this 8-year-old laptop. Y'all know what I'd do if it was mine Anyway, I figured I should post such useful things here, since update failure is not as rare as it should be.