Humor theme has its own attraction. I think there are many people who would like get rid depression and unpleasant mental engagements. Good humor can be like a med.

It can cure sadness and disappointment of reader relatively. Most of writers prefer to write serious things because they think it is fitter with their characters and reputation than writing humor.

Basically the type of writing dependent on its writer's mood and choice. The Writers of humor are in minority. Writing humor is not easy because most of people tend to seriousness and official behaviors and they can't find a way to express humorous words, among the majority of writers.

In addition to the mood of a writer, writing humor needs a particular technique and experience. He not only should know people, their choice and sensitivity but also have written a lot of humor. Sometimes, an unwisely and awkwardly humor can be considered as an offensive and rudely expression. So, the comedy writer should be a knowledgeable person about every matter that he uses in his writing, in addition to the laughable expression.

However, although you are a capable writer in other themes, but if you want to write humor you should exercise a lot in this way.