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Thread: What's happening in this image? (bikini warning)

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    The Aryan Arab Ravioli's Avatar
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    Jan 2015

    Question What's happening in this image? (bikini warning)

    I sparked a microcosm controversy which caused me to delete an image - something I do once in a decade. Last time were Mohammed cartoons (because I just felt like a jerk, no threats). So I'd like to poll how people tend to interpret it.

    Not asking for crits on the art itself by the way, just interpretation of content

    I drew this and uploaded it as my Facebook cover. I'm not telling you who the characters are, because I need a neutral assessment. What do you all think I drew here, other than a tremendous bit of awesome?
    I have been getting reactions ever since the upload, like so:
    -"I can tell by your cover pic that you're a sexually open-minded person"
    -"Your cover pic suggests it's okay if I come over?" (yes, this was said)
    -"Your cover pic, I gotta say, uh, wow."
    -"That pic is unfit for Facebook."
    -"With that cover pic, you're surprised people are hitting on you?"
    -"That dude's hand, the placement, there's just no room for interpretation..."
    And of course repeated "What's going on in there?".

    So what are they doing?

    Here's a link to a bigger version:

    If you've seen this elsewhere with the answer, please no spoilers!
    Last edited by Ravioli; 08-04-2015 at 05:39 PM.

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