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Thread: Christians and age-gap relationships

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    Christians and age-gap relationships

    I recently posted in the "Story Research" forum asking how to properly portray a married couple who have a significant age difference. People have given me several helpful answers about age-gap relationships. My next question is this: I'm wondering how Christians perceive or think of married couples with an age difference? I know opinions and views vary from person to person, depending on each person's situation in life.

    But I'm wondering if any Christians here have any personal thoughts or views on age-gap relationships? Specifically, if someone in their twenties is romantically interested/engaged/married to someone in their thirties or even forties, what do you think about this? I'm asking because I am a Christian. I'm very curious as to how other believers think about age-gap relationships in terms of a healthy, happy marriage in which the wife and husband not only have an age difference but are perhaps Christians themselves. Is this something seen as a controversial issue in terms of morals and faith, or does it depend on each individual?

    I know that several years ago it wasn't uncommon for a man and woman with a big age gap to marry, for whatever reason. But what about in today's world? Any thoughts? I'm thinking of writing a story about a married couple with a significant age gap, but I'm still considering how to go about it.
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