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Thread: stuck on a bit of research

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    stuck on a bit of research

    In my WIP there are some events that happen before the story even begins that have huge bearing on the story. One event is a suicide. In what research i have done so far what I have learned is what you see in media is a crock.Suicide is apparently not as easy as its made out to be in the movies.The rest of the story is pretty much based on this characters suicide,so that much is non negotiable. What I'm looking for is that proverbial clean, quick and painless method that a woman would have the resolve to implement. With absolute lethality.

    What I'm finding is that the stereotypical 'wrist slitting'....only lethal 6% of the time, can take an hour+ to die and is actually rather painful(not to mention messy).
    Statistically speaking, my research shows that women are very specific. There are methods that women just dont seem to employ and are the most considerate suicides. its the women who leave notes, men hardly ever do. And women seem to be more concerned with how much mess will be left to clean up after them.

    The character is a 20 year old woman, the suicidal tendency is brought on by a gang rape a couple years earlier.(there is no rape scene in the story, that and the suicide both happen before the story actually begins, but there is reference to them in the story.) The rest of the story is her attackers keep turning up dead and figuring out who killed them. I'm about 20k words in and I'm working on dialogue about the happenstance and I don't have that detail.
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