I am curious to know where the self publishers on AW obtained some of their book covers.

I am going to be self publishing the first book in my YA series hopefully before the end of this year. I have already gone through two book edits (using two different editors). They gave me great feedback and compliments on my book and the concept of my series by the way YAY!. (Sorry, just a bit excited there). But the next step before I do anything else would be to get my cover designed.

A good book cover can capture a readers attention and I so need that, lol

So any advice that can point me in the right direction to a cover designer that won't totally murder my pockets would be much appreciated.

FYI: I was looking into getting a cover designed by CreateSpace but I have this thing about having it done before I go to them to publish my print books. I just want to know that the cover is mine and since I may also publish through Ingram Spark, Nook, etc; I wouldn't want any situation where I can't use the cover on the other sites.....Unless I am just being paranoid.