My hero runs a store in an almost-dead strip mall, and the property management company which owns the mall wants to shut his store down so they can raze the property and build something else there instead. (This takes place in a made-up town in Georgia.) The hero has been very deliberate about paying rent perfectly on time and not breaking any rules of his lease.

From what little I've been able to find on the internet, I *think* the landlord can only evict if they give him a warning (60 days?) and if he's already off the end of his initial lease and is in a month-to-month thing. I'm definitely not a property lawyer and I don't want the book to focus too much on the legal aspects of this, but for anyone more well-versed in this than I am:

1) does that sound right?

2) do commercial leases usually go for a year and then change to month-to-month like apartment leases do? Or would it be plausible for my hero to have a few months to not worry even though his store has been open for 5-6 years?

3) is there anything the landlord can do to evict him earlier? Is there anything my hero can do to keep the landlord from being able to evict him indefinitely?

(Even if you're not familiar with Georgia law specifically, I'd love to know what the right terms are for me to search with!)