The title is misleading. What I'm trying to ask: Have you written a story that you loved only to see it become a movie before you could publish it?

I wrote a story called Regression. I posted it in the SYW section last year. It's about a guy being reincarnated. He came back as a different man with a different family. Now there's a movie called Selfless. It has a similar plot. The difference is the MC intentionally had his conciseness transferred.

I also posted a story in the SYW last year. It was an "it narrative" in that the MC was an inanimate object which happened to be the wall. The wall also happened to care about a woman. A few months later I read a flash fiction story in Online Flash Fiction in which the main character is a wall who cares a lot about a woman.

Does anyone else experience this? Or am I going crazy?