I saw this new LGBTQA press mentioned on my twitter feed earlier, and I can't find any information on the people behind it. I'm hesitant about all new presses, even if I am excited to see a press that does more than M/M. Does anyone have the skills to dig deeper and find out who the owner/managing editor touted in the FAQ is? She's supposed to have 10 years of experience working with well-known romance presses. I don't know how to look for that, since her name isn't mentioned in their FAQ or their twitter/FB pages.

Other things that makes me wary is that they pay 40% net royalties on a monthly basis, their paperback and audiobook publishing is based on conditions, and they also purport to publish romance, erotica, and literary fiction, which seems a wide scope, but maybe since it's all LGBTQA, that works with their marketing plan somehow. (I'm exercising what I've learned lurking here! )

And they do have a marketing plan. From their site:

Excellent publisher-led promo. We donít expect you to do all the work! We will organise a blog tour for your book, submit to reviewers, include it in paid advertising, blast it across social media, and so much more! We believe that maintaining a promo & marketing budget in the company finances is one of the most important things a publisher can do for authors.

That sounds better than most new presses, though most of that seems to be free social media posting? I guess wait and see how they do. Their logo and website are quite nice, in my opinion, and they don't officially launch until November, though they also don't say what books they're launching with.