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Advances: not that I am aware of. It's somewhat rare for a small press to do that unless you are a known quantity.

Bookstore presence: well online, yes, they're with barnes and noble, borders, etc. In store physically, no. You do the leg work for that.

Stay in business: I don't think anyone can ever answer that. They're a debt free company and seem to handle their finances well from what I have seen. I don't think they're in danger of going underwater any time soon.

Street cred: I have never heard of the other publishers you mentioned so I don't know. Ninestar is smaller than Dreamspinner and Interlude, both of which are moving into traditional arenas at the moment. They're on the line with like Bella books and other queer specific publishers.
Thanks for this response. I'm outside of US so probably wouldn't be able to get books into physical stores in US. So maybe I should try to find a small press with more physical book store presence, though that may not be possible. I think Dreamspinner are in trouble right now so I might hold off submitting to them. Interlude looks good, but can't seem to find a thread on here?