The Nitty Gritty:
1) No entrance fee.
2) Simultaneous submissions okay (but if your submission is published elsewhere first, it will be disqualified for First Prize, so please notify us immediately if it is picked up elsewhere.)
3) New collaborative work only. This means all submissions must be created by 2+ people.
4) Submit 1-3 pieces in a single email. Each piece may have a different collaborative team.
5) All submissions must include a literary component but may include or be paired with a visual or audio component.
6) This is not prompt based – so there are no form nor subject guidelines.
All submissions will also be considered for normal publication.
Submit your work to accordingly:

  • Please format your subject line as follows: IN CAHOOTS CONTEST. Submissions are sometimes sent to the spam folder – this is your guarantee that we’ll catch it.
  • Include work as attachments. Because this is coming straight to the editor’s inbox, most major file formats are A-OK (.doc, .docx, .org, .pdf, .gif, etc). If we can’t view it, we’ll get back to you promptly.
  • Include a brief bio for each contributor. Your bio should be fun, written in the 3rd person, 50-150 words, and should demonstrate who you are as a poet, writer, or artist. Don’t just list creds, tell us something more about you.
  • Include contributors’ photos. This is not mandatory, but strongly preferred. Your photo can be your smiling face or your left foot. Again, whatever shows us who you are, but it must be of you. Please send pictures in a jpeg format with dimensions no smaller than 100×100 pixels and no larger than 250×250 pixels.

Submission deadline 10/1/15.