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Thread: A short story wants not only to be bigger, but has already reserved seating what to do?

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    A short story wants not only to be bigger, but has already reserved seating what to do?

    I recently wrote a short story of about 1000 words that I consider almost finished. It's been gestating for a couple of days, waiting for its final look and edit. It feels like I got the "all of it" and need only smooth a couple of wrinkles. And then decide what to do with it.

    Two nights ago I dreamed about the story. What had been a single "incident" in the short story became a recurring event, in a magical realism sort of way, throughout what was now a novel. It was definitely a novel. The short story, after some slight adjustment, was understood to be the final chapter. It was also clear to me I'd have to find my own way into the novel. The novel was decidedly open-ended on the front side.

    My question: Can anyone share a similar experience? I have always entered a story, or piece of poetry, from the beginning. Or from a feeling/thought that brought an opening that would at least lead to the beginning. Never from the ending. I'm lost, disoriented.

    Who has started at the end and written backwards? Or used the ending to latch onto a beginning? Are there unique pratfalls? How does one protect the story from going jagged and thus never connecting front to end? Will I feel constrained the whole way to properly align, to dock into this ending port? The excitement I woke with — finally, an ending! — has dissipated into thoughts of suffocation. (alright, I'm exaggerating some)

    One other thing: although the story is in 1st person, it seems the novel is to be in 3rd omniscient, and so I fear losing the original story in the process. Which I suppose is a fair trade if it leads to something larger or better.

    Please share some personal experience from your own method. Something real you have dealt with?
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