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Thread: Accessibility of the new site

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeryBigBeard View Post
    I wanted to chime in and thank the mods, Mac, Medievalist and all the other admins for all the hard work both in the upgrade and ongoing. Yay!

    It bears mentioning that Muppster's crits are amazing--some of the most thorough and thoughtful I've read in SYW. Please don't go! I'd miss reading your posts immensely. It's understandably frustrating if they're hard to write in the new format, but the hours spent doing it are absolutely worth it. I've learned a lot reading them and I imagine I'm not alone.
    +1 to all of this (bolding mine).

    I thought I'd take a few screen shots to illustrate what I think Muppster is seeing (I'm seeing most of it the way Muppster describes), since it sounds as though these aren't issues for everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    I can't read the blue/black text on dark grey, which includes post previews
    Screengrab of Preview in editing mode:

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    and the reps stuff under settings.
    Screengrab of reps in Settings:

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    The grey background for the post editor is not as bad, but it is sub-optimal.
    Screengrab of post editor:

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    Blue links against grey/blue is also difficult,
    Screengrab of link:

    Screengrab of what happens when I override AW colors to black text on white backround (in Firefox). Unfortunately the post editor buttons get all screwy and the text color option disappears, making critting (in-line LBLs) almost impossible:

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    so I find it very difficult to find useful information from the board pages: bolded threads are fine, the rest of the threads I can't see the thread title for the mass of "started by" and the rest of it in almost the same fontsize and much more readable black colour.

    The ratio of content-to-whitespace doesn't help, making parts feel very cluttered compared to the empty space elsewhere.
    Screengrab of SYW board:

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    Quoted text is impossibly small,
    Screengrab of quoted text (in preview) which looks normal to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muppster View Post
    as is all the navigation stuff at the top of the page (below the post new thread button, above the actual threads), the button text, and thread display options at the bottom, but text in the editing window is huge.
    Screengrab of navigation stuff, which also looks normal to me.

    Is this what the colours look like to you, Muppster? Does it look different to everyone else?
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