I'm having huge problems with the new site. It's all very low-contrast with wildly inconsistent font sizes. I have a visual processing issue which makes it difficult to pick out things against a cluttered background.

I can't read the blue/black text on dark grey, which includes post previews and the reps stuff under settings. The grey background for the post editor is not as bad, but it is sub-optimal.

Blue links against grey/blue is also difficult, so I find it very difficult to find useful information from the board pages: bolded threads are fine, the rest of the threads I can't see the thread title for the mass of "started by" and the rest of it in almost the same fontsize and much more readable black colour.

The ratio of content-to-whitespace doesn't help, making parts feel very cluttered compared to the empty space elsewhere.

Quoted text is impossibly small, as is all the navigation stuff at the top of the page (below the post new thread button, above the actual threads), the button text, and thread display options at the bottom, but text in the editing window is huge.

I raised the colour scheme issue in the My AW is Different thread and it got lost in the noise. I get that adding smilies is probably very easy, and there's a millionbillion things to sort out still, but it's super-frustrating to see the trivia being acknowledged and tweaked while accessibility issues are left in limbo

An idea of time scale for when skins/more consistent font sizes will be ironed out would really help. I can be super-patient about this sort of thing, but hanging on for unspecified/indefinite amounts of time is not fun. Bottom line is I can't read the site well enough to play right now.