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Thread: Rewrite Request (advice, strategies, experiences)

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    Mar 2011
    The first book-length thing I ever published--a novella--I had to make two changes--the first chapter, and toward the end (both changes made the novella a better story, BTW). I did it over one evening, it was accepted, edited, published. Since then no-one has asked for any changes in any novel* or novella. Only line editing stuff.

    Concerning short stories, only once did anyone ask a change to publish--I had to get the killer psychopath to stop calling his hostages 'goddamn faggots' and they turned into 'goddamn losers'. It was a young magazine, they were nervous about possibly offending people, and since the story had been written 2-3 years ago I really didn't care--any emotional investment had evaporated within days of writing it.

    *Aside from one complex crazy novel which bigger publishers view as too crackpot, while minor publishers want to 'simplify' it, so it waits, biding its time, until I have the clout to have it published as it is...
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