I'm writing a fantasy story set in a very, very fictionalized version of the Middle East, North Africa, and (in some parts) India. There are four characters, two are Islamic, one of the two of them is supposed to be very educated (so he'd have some knowledge about religion, given that this is supposed to sorta be the medieval era. kinda).

I'm searching for sources on Islam because the characters are Muslim, Jewish and Hindu, they all come from different areas of the world (one from Southern Spain, one from Morocco, one from India, and one from the Arab Peninsula) Their differing points of views would be a cause for some conversation in the story (although it's not the focus). I have a copy of the Quran, but I'm looking for more everyday things - like keeping pets and the proper ways to atone for sins/wrongs, etc...

All of the geography is vague, though. The map of my world might look like ours, in the most basic of ways, but all of the kingdoms/wars/territorial scuffles are made up. What I really want to get 'right' is the people part of the equation.

Keep in mind that I'm not trying to write something super philosophical or make a deep statement. I'm hoping the tone for the story will be: adventurous, and 'isn't the world strange and varied?' kind of thing.

Shortened Version: I want to do good research because I'm writing about a religion I don't follow and I don't want to insult myself or anybody else. If you don't have sources about Islam, but about Judaism and Hinduism in everyday contexts, that's useful, too!