A friend here at AW--who I'm pretty sure never leaves one thread and won't see this--is getting married next month. Alas, the wedding is too distant to attend.

She and her lady-love are huge fans of purple. But what do you do from a distance, send purple china or a vase or something?

I don't know about you all, but at our house, we always need more pillowcases because we like extra pillows. So I've just finished cutting out the most awesome collection of purple cottons to make them four sets of pillow cases with contrast hems and bands. My mom's voice is talking in my head: "You know you've gotten someone a really good gift when you'd love to have it for yourself." Which I would.

They're not stitched up yet, but I can do a lot of the preliminary pinning tonight in front of NCAA games I care very little about. I hope to post photographs when they're done.

Maryn, who bought most of the fabric online