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Thread: On Keeping Images to AW Standards *Read BEFORE Posting Images*

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    On Keeping Images to AW Standards *Read BEFORE Posting Images*

    Promoting our work isn't easy, especially for those of us who are introverts or who are predisposed to either hate the idea of selling or feel we aren't good at it. We'd much rather spend our time writing, but we "suck it up" knowing a certain amount of getting the word out is necessary. So we try to make the best use of our promotional activities: we know to use social media wisely, we know to try to get our books reviewed, we know to be active posters on forums like AW and frequent commenters on blog articles without overtly self-promoting, and we know to have covers that draw the reader--and you guys have some of the most gorgeous covers I've seen. We know these things about promoting and more, too, but we don't always take our prospective audience and its limitations into account.

    And here's where the request comes in: Please do keep your cover images as close to the AW standard (400X400, 72 dpi) as possible. You see, this isn't as much a bandwidth issue for AW as it is for our fellow AWers who are on slow connections or who pay for bandwidth. It's a great big world out there, folks. There are people who'd love to view your page and possibly buy your book but can't because oversized images make your page too slow or impossible to load, and they abandon the effort. Ooops! You're losing potential readers when that happens. So what's a body to do? Well, you can keep your images to the AW standard, or receive a PM from your friendly neighborhood mod asking you to reduce the image (or face having it deleted if you don't reduce it). Now, said friendly neighborhood mod would MUCH rather help you reduce that gorgeous image (as would our friendly neighborhood Admin) than delete it. All it needs is a request for assistance. Easy-peasy.
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