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Thread: Does anyone use 'Vintage' hardware & software to write?

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    Puppy should run on anything that vaguely resembles a computer. I expect it could be coaxed to run on as slow as a 386DX (ie. any 32bit CPU) with as little as 4mb of RAM, tho you might not like it much. (And so someone on the forum agrees.) I'd guess it hits tolerably usable at 64mb RAM. I understand it does run off a USB stick.

    For several years I had Wary Puppy (the version for older hardware) on my 'best' laptop, which is a lowly 1GHz with a paltry 256mb RAM. Puppy's performance wasn't just snappy, it was instantaneous. (Then again, it's small enough to load the entire module in RAM, so it better be fast.) Unfortunately getting wireless to work consistently, or sound to work at all, were not in its cards. But I'll be trying it again, cuz I rather like Puppy (it reminds me of Win3.1, but with some modern features) and I appreciate its performance and its ongoing support for older hardware.

    For comparison, Windows 2000 will run on a 486DX4-100 with 8mb RAM and no swapfile. (It won't install on that, but it will run.) It's usable, not even grossly laggy, if rather plodding. I discovered this by accident when I hooked the wrong HD to my old RAM test rig. What's this booting up? I thought that was a blank HD?? Oh dear! Well, isn't this interesting...

    Puppy multiboots gracefully, and won't muck up your existing DOS/Win setup. When I finally dumped it to try something else on the laptop, I was amused to discover... oh, that's what became of Jerry Pournelle's old HD -- I'd totally forgotten it also had Windows on it, let alone where I'd stuck it.
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