Which part of the W1S1 challenge is harder for you guys? Is it keeping up with the writing and continuously producing new work? Or is it the submitting part, including keeping all those stories out on submission and putting the new ones out there as well?

For me, it used to be the writing. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough ideas at first or that I wouldn't finish things in time. I surprised myself. I miss doing this weekly challenge. I pulled it off for over a year. It was the fastest way I think I could have found to improve my story-telling skills. Life is a little busier now, but I still pull off at least a story a month.

Now, the whole submission thing is where I struggle. I used to always have dozens of submissions out there. Now, I have one, following a bunch of rejections that all came in this week.

The submitting thing is a little harder for me than it used to be. I used to send things out a few days (sometimes even same day) after finishing them. I think that really helped me to move onto the next story. At the same time, all I got were rejections -- hundreds of rejections.

So what part of this fun challenge is harder for you guys? And I'm just curious how long some of you have been doing this.