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Thread: Anti-Theist Theism in Fantasy

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    The End of the World
    Richard, like Dawnstorm, most of my experiences with this trope are from Shinto interpretations in anime and manga, and so are very detached from the dominant Western religions. I don't associate the trope with the dominant Western religions.

    I agree that it is eminently possible to write an version of this trope that is anti-theist, and some of the authors you mention may have done just that. However, I'm not familiar with them or those interpretations.

    I post #33, Dawnstorm walked through my main issue and confusion I have with your assertion far better than I could. I would only add that I'm not asserting that once something becomes real, that it continues to exist, but rather that once something becomes real, you can't undo the fact that at the time, it was real — even if it is later erased from existence. You can't change the fact that it was real.

    To conclude, I think it's possible to explore the trope from both directions, and I can certainly think of same ways to explore the trope that call into question "what makes a god?", but I don't think the trope itself is inherently anti-theist at all. It depends on the author's interpretation. And therefore, to an extent, the reader's too. Another anime I'd recommend that explores the concept is Serial Experiments Lain.

    Also, Bakemonogatari explores the trope in terms of supernatural creatures in general (not gods).
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    "The Sixth World", in Nameless Woman (2018), republished in Transcendent 4 (2019).
    "Dreamborn", in Maiden, Mother, and Crone (2019).

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