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I can't think of any places that would buying the rights to your characters. This is something that is more of an issue writing for film than books/magazines.

My favorite example is Roddy Doyle's Rabbitte family in the Barrytown Trilogy (The Commitment, The Snapper, The Van). 20th Century Fox made The Commitments and bought the rights to the character's names, so when The Snapper was made into a film, the family's name was changed to Curly. When the film of The Van was made, the character's name was changed again to Larry*. The name change really stands out since the same actor plays the father in all three films.

*I guess if they ever make a fourth movie his name will be changed to Moe.
That could happen, as Doyle more recently published The Guts, which has Jimmy Rabbitte as an adult. Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is Doyle's only standalone amongst his adult novels, and I missed the opportunity at a Q & A to ask him if there might be a follow-up to that... (He's an entertaining and funny speaker, if you get the chance to hear him.)

There's a thread in Short Fiction about this - since I devised a southern UK commuter town, inspired by bits of the places I grew up in and live in now, so thought now I'd done that once, I might as well reuse it, and have built in overlaps between the two novels in my sig and the novella I wrote last year, which will be appearing in my collection quite soon. Each can be read entirely on its own, with the overlaps being little Easter Eggs for anyone who does read both.