This is a hard question I think because everyone does have a story to tell. I've written some really good chapters that are interesting (i believe), but my whole story is not interesting. My story covers a four-year span where I had to face something extremely difficult and would never be the same because of it. I like the idea of this memoir very much, but the last chapter I wrote was boring. I will probably cut or rewrite it, but I can already see this happening again. The book was a suggestion from one of my professors based on an essay I wrote for class on this same part of my life. I do believe the essay was good, but how do I know if it is really enough for a book? The essay was 5k or 6k words and not boring at all. But maybe I just don't know what's boring or not when it comes to this story. How do you avoid being boring? How do you know if your boring? And how do you know if what you are focusing on in your memoir is interesting enough for a book-length piece of work?