So this time last year, I started querying a dark contemporary. Things progressed as they are wont to do - revision, fulls, rejections. The first agent who requested it (a year ago...yesterday ) told me in the summer she wanted an R+R, but never actually told me what the revisions were. I nudged once in September and once now - and she's got back to me. She's still saying she's not sure - which I actually agree with, in the hindsight of a year, I think it needs work. Can I say this, or does it look like sucking up? However, she's asked me if I'm working on anything new, as she thinks there's a likely possibility I might have something near to submission-ready.

I don' all. I had a lot of shitty first drafts that didn't work, but now I'm working on something that I think MIGHT be submission-worthy - it needs a lot of outlining so it's been a hard old slog - but I was just wondering how everybody thinks I should handle this. Do I send her just a quick one-line synopsis thing to show her that I *am* doing something, but add the caveat that it's not ready? Or do I say nothing? Because it's really not ready, and I don't want to burn my bridges.

Please help a squirrel in the wild