I can help you with breaking the page up a bit to make it feel more serialized to the reader's eyes, and you don't have to hire a web designer.

First, put a border around square pictures. It helps break everything up and give the eye some contrast. I'm not always a fan of borders on pictures, but when your page is white-on-white, it really can help. It's easy to do in CSS:

img {
border:1px solid black;

Second, you might consider either a darker color for your headlines or a bolder font in the same color. The reason is, at least for me, it was hard to tell immediately where one post ended and the next began. I was in the middle of the basket post before I wondered what I was reading. That may be partially because I'm a skimmer, but I'm also not the only skimmer out there.

Kudos on getting a lot of pictures into your DIY projects. That always helps.

Most importantly, update more frequently. Blogs have to be a habit for the reader. If they come every day and see the same post, they stop coming. Not saying you have to update it every day, but every other day? Sure. Every three days? Sure. Just so readers can form a habit of stopping by your place.