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Thread: The 2015 Hugo & Other SFF Awards Eligible Works Thread

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    They've been very bad, Mr Flibble Mr Flibble's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    We couldn't possibly do that. Who'd clear up the mess?
    Re compromise from both sides...

    Compromise is usually good

    But it kind of depends on both sides being open to it. I don't see the Sad Wankers as open to it.

    And even if they are....sometimes things go too far for that -- sometimes compromise just ends up being appeasement

    And that, like this, is when you do this thing

    In Christian terms -- would you compromise with the Devil?

    You may, and I would say more power to you

    I will not
    Last edited by Mr Flibble; 04-06-2015 at 09:21 PM. Reason: DAMNED TYPOS!

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