Hi all,

I lucked into a great publishing deal back in 2013, when I was paid a solid advance by a major, international, too-big-to-fail publisher to script a 68-page graphic novel. The art is nearly ready now and everything's looking great, except that my publisher has no concept of how to market comic books and graphic novels.

The publisher relies entirely on marketing to their own, established customer base, which isn't necessarily interested in comic books. They don't do press releases nor send out preview copies, get the attention of reviewers or anything else that generates actual buzz. The result is that the 12 GNs they've issued over the past year have all sunk without a trace.

My GN has a decent chance of developing an enthusiastic niche-interest fan base, but only if the fans know that it exists, which is basically down to me. Over the past several months I've set up a dedicated Facebook page, Twitter account and website, and I have a small but peppy "street team" of test readers and others who can help with grass-roots marketing. I also have a professionally produced video trailer.

Bearing in mind that I currently have no name nor credentials in this field, which would you say are the key websites/reviewers to get on board - which ones are actually likely to be interested? The GN is currently scheduled to launch in Feb. 2015.