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Have you seen "Proof" or read the script? It deals with exactly this issue--a character in part of the play is dead and only one character sees that person. I've seen it twice, but not read it, so I'd be interested in how the stage directions go.

It's not the playwright's job to tell the actors how to do their jobs, right? That's the director's purview. He or she will know this character is a ghost and that the others cannot see him. So will the actors, of course. It's up to them, working together, to determine where they look and how they move as they deliver the lines you wrote, leading up to the big reveal for the audience. You only provide stage direction when it affects the plot. (Maryn hides the gun in her purse before Muppster turns around.)

Maryn, who seems to have mislaid her purse, gun and all
Great advice from sage Maryn in regards to your particular question. I would add that the script should be as much a surprise to actors/readers on their first pass as it will be for audiences.