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Thread: [Critique Game] Post The First Three Sentences of your Short Story

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    Lord of the Poohs jedimaster107's Avatar
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    I'm so glade i found this thread. Here's the first three sentences from three short stories that I've written.


    Fun Street Avenue was the place to be on a summer afternoon. The street was named that because that was what it was. For five city blocks, shops and arcades lined both sides of the street.

    A Second Chance

    The stench of rotting garage made the area unbearable to breath. For Justin, the smell didn't affect him as his sense of smell have been damaged. Dressed in ratty, dirty clothes, Justin rummaged through the garbage bins searching for anything that could be sold for money.

    Until Death Do Us Apart

    Beyond the wooden door, lived a creature so horrible, so foul, Jason feared nothing else. Every night he had to face that creature. Even his nightmares had nightmares about the creature.
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    Hi All!!

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