Has anyone else been approached out of the blue by LitFire? They are based in Atlanta. I got a call from a woman who had read one of my novels on Book Country, and wanted me to sign on for their publicity/marketing packages (2000+ bucks for 3 months)--first red flag was she said she'd come to LitFire after leaving AuthourHouse (although she had no good words for AH) and second flag was, she immediately started getting all personal with me, asking me if I was married or had a girlfriend etc., giving me the impression she was interested in me personally. Now, in the back of my head I suspected it was merely a (sleazy) sales tool, to "woo" me... Anyway, I put her off and she and I kept talking off and on for 3 weeks or more, always hitting the package angle hard at the end of the call (which was always more personal than sales) until I finally said I was not going to sign. Now, I don't know if LitFire is a scam or not, but I wondered if anyone else has had any dealing with them? As I said, I DID NOT (and never intended to) sign with them. Comments?