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Thread: FAQ: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Visitor Messages

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    FAQ: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Visitor Messages

    [This is a preliminary FAQ; more to come]

    Visitor messages are a feature of your Absolute Write Profile. They are short public messages for your fellow AW members. They are "threaded" in the sense that you can have short "conversations."

    Visitor Messages are turned on by default.

    To Turn Off Visitor Messages

    1. Go to your User CP by clicking Settings on the top right of an forum window.
    2. Scroll down to the General Settings section in the sidebar on the left.
    3. Click General Settings.
    4. Scroll down to the Messaging and Notifications Section to locate the Visitor Messaging panel.
    5. Un-check the box next to Enable Visitor Messaging.
    6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes on the far right.

    Note that you can limit who can leave Visitor Messages by checking the box beside Limit usage of Visitor Messages to Contacts and Moderators (see the Networking section of your User CP to manage your Contacts).


    This is a general heads-up to let people know that Visitor Messages are not, in any sense of the way, private unless you've made them Private.

    Anyone who can view your Profile can see your Visitor Messages depending on your privacy settings.

    Managing Visitor Messaging

    1. Go to your User CP
    2. Scroll down to Profile Privacy under Your Profile on the left.
    Visitor Messages has four Privacy settings:[/list]

    • Everyone
    • Registered Members
    • Your Contacts
    • Your Friends

    Only three of them are supported by AW.

    Everyone means that those messages may be searchable and extremely public, depending on various factors. Absolute Write is set to not allow un-registered or unlogged in members see Profiles, so Everyone is essentially the same as Registered Members, on AW.

    Registered Members means anyone Registered at AW can read your Visitor Messages.

    Contacts means only your listed Contacts (and Moderators) can read them (see the Networking section of your User CP to manage your Contacts).

    1. Click Save

    Managing Your Visitor Messages

    You can Delete visitor messages.
    1. Locate the Visitor Message you wish to remove.
    2. Click the Delete link on the far right.

    You can also Report an offensive Visitor Message by using the Report link.

    Please keep in mind that especially if you have your Visitor Messages set to Everyone, you need to keep Respect Your Fellow Writers (and members) in mind. That means absolutely no personal attacks.

    If you want to be private, use PMs or email.

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