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Wolfhare, do you mean you saw his books IN Waterstones/WHSmith or just their on-line store? Any on-line stores (like amazon) will list anything and everything and that doesn't mean he has any connections with the store chain. A quick look in Waterstones site brings up Publish America's books, for example.
I know a very respectable children's book store that has an excellent selection, nicely categorized, with helpful staff who can advise and help customers, and will order or ship books.

Then, you look at their on-line store. Once it was good, then they changed things and their 'on-line' listings apparently consist of scraping Amazon, or Book Depository. Tons of books in all categories, vast swathes of which have no connection with children. Most marked 'unavailable', 'special order', or 'out of stock', but still there, cluttering up the listings. It's a mess.
There is a huge disconnect between the actual store and the on-line presence.