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Thread: i2i Publishing

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    i2i Publishing

    It's red flag time again, gang! A Google ad drew my attention to this UK-based publisher, and I don't think they're going to be grateful.

    Book Publishers to a World of new Writers

    An Invitation to Aspiring New Authors: from Lionel Ross
    A website aimed at writers instead of readers is never a good sign. Without reading any further, something tells me that Mr Ross started the business because it's practically impossible for new writers to get published.

    i2i Publishing was founded by Lionel Ross who is himself a published author. He knows, only too well, the almost impossible task confronting a new author when he seeks to find a publisher.
    Told you so! And Mr Ross' first book, Fine Feathers, was released by PublishAmerica in 2005 and "received considerable criticial acclaim", according to his Amazon page. It has now been republished by i2i and joined seven other books by Mr Ross in the company's catalogue.

    Writers devote months and years of their lives to crafting and creating books devoted to the education and entertainment of unseen others. They then discover that their beloved manuscript is just a piece of often worthless merchandise in the eyes of the vast majority of publishers.
    There's a brutally simple reason for this: most of the manuscripts received by publishers are unpublishable. It doesn't matter how many months or years someone devotes to their work, or how much they (or their family and friends) love it. If a publisher doesn't think it's saleable it won't be published.

    New authors receive countless numbers of rejection letters from the mainstream publishers who prefer to play it safe with either established authors or celebrity authored books.
    Nonsense. Ten minutes in any branch of Waterstones should be enough to dispel this silly myth. How does Mr Ross think the established authors got started? And new writers who receive "countless numbers" of rejection letters would be well-advised to ask themselves why. Golden Word Sydrome? Dunning-Kruger effect? Sending your novel to publishers who specialize in other genres? The least likely reason is that the writer has produced a masterpiece which is rejected by the evil publishing cartel because they can only be bothered with established bestselling authors and celebs.

    Finally new writers turn in desperation to the so-called Vanity market. There they are promised, in return for vast sums of money, that their book will be published.
    This isn't the only way modern vanity presses operate.

    Now there is another way, the i2i way.We DO ask for a small financial contribution towards costs but only on a SHARED RISK basis. And our prices are very low. We know from personal experience that most new authors are not 'made of money.'
    This is one of the ways. It's still vanity publishing, and thanks to POD and e-books the publisher isn't taking much of a risk. There are no prices on the website.

    We are NOT a self-publishing organisation - rather a partnership between Author and Publisher and where your book, if accepted, will have an internationally recognised imprint - i2i
    No, i2i isn't a self-publishing organisation - it's a vanity press. And I'm willing to bet that i2i is unknown to the world of real publishing.

    We are currently accepting submissions in the following genres:

    So i2i publishes almost everything including poetry? Another red flag.

    Why not fill in the form below to tell us about your work?
    (It costs nothing to enquire and it may be the way to make your dream come true.)
    Publishers are in the business of selling books to readers, not making writers' dreams come true.

    Our satisfied clients can confirm the loving care we give their manuscripts-ask us to quote and look forward to seeing your book on bookshop shelves and on the websites of electronic booksellers.
    Many of i2i's book on have a Look Inside feature, which unfortunately reveals that most of them aren't edited to anything approaching a professional standard. The most basic errors haven't been corrected:

    "I'll phone a back specialist now," the doctor said, "Because he will be able to advise you about how to correct this abnormality,"
    "Thank you," John replied, "And please can you book the appointment for as soon as possible because I need to be on top form for the UK Championship in a fortnight."
    He was a stand up comedian and had been a comedian so it seemed, all his life; class clown, work fool anything for a joke.
    "Probably some poor soul looking for help," Jacob sighed pulling, himself somewhat wearily out of his chair.
    Well, you get the picture. I find it hard to believe that books of this quality get bookstore placement, and the dismal rankings of the older ones suggest that sales are poor.

    Oh, and a name very familiar from the old PublishAmerica threads turns up a couple of times in the reviews...
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