I asked this question a while ago and didn't really get good responses or that many suggestions, but I thought I would try again. Maybe some new people here will have something to say or other literary people have changed their reading habits. Anyway, which journals are worth subscribing to? A lot of my subscriptions have run out and I am thinking of trying some new places. So what are your favorite journals to read?

The Gettysburg Review is my favorite so I will renew that one. I enjoyed the work put out by One Story. I wasn't in love with The Missouri Review, but if some of you like that one and can say why, I would think about ordering it again. I also used to get The Paris Review and Ploughshares. The Paris Review is always good. I haven't decided if I should keep that one going or not. Ploughshares has never been my favorite, but sometimes they do put out a killer issue.

I know there are many many more and I kind of want to try out some new ones but would love recommendations. I hope to hear from you guys which ones excite you and you look forward to reading.