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Thread: Have a question about your promotional opportunities on AW? You can ask it here.

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    MacAllister's Official Minion & Greeter AW Moderator Ari Meermans's Avatar
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    Have a question about your promotional opportunities on AW? You can ask it here.

    A while back I received the most excellent suggestion that we have a Q&A thread specifically for getting answers to questions about promoting on AW, and in Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion, in particular. (We won't go into how far back "a while back" goes what with first one thing then another, but as I mentioned it is an excellent suggestion and I hope you'll take advantage of it.)

    Promotional Activities allowed are:

    • Linking to websites, blogs, and published books in signatures. Everything you wanted to know about signatures can be found here.
    • Promoting your published writings in the Announcements, Events, and Book Promotion forum. Guidelines for posting in AE&BP may be found here.
    • Shelving your work in the AbsoluteWrite Library. Guidelines for listing your published work in the Library are here.
    • Announcing your crowdfunded project in the “AWer Kick-Starter and Indiegogo Projects” guidelines are here.

    Now those links are where you can find the basics on the "where" and the "how to", but sometimes questions remain on the fine tuning of those opportunities for your specific need. And, of course, sometimes things aren't quite as clear as they could or should have been. This is the thread for getting the answers to those lingering questions.
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