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Thread: Is the short story market no longer viable?

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    Is the short story market no longer viable?

    I've seen a lot of information that suggests reader interest in short stories is pretty low. Multiple publishers have told me their anthologies and author collections barely sell. I hear that magazines like Asimov and Analog are suffering.

    Is the market drying up to the point that writing short stories is becoming non-viable?

    I've been submitting my stories around, and I've noticed that most of the magazines/online sites that accept short stories are either Closed due to an overwhelming slushpile, or they are Open, but the response time has grown more significant due to the slush pile. So it's certainly not a supply issue. My concern is the waning demand.

    Ebooks have made novellas more viable, but what about short stories?

    Edit: Some have thought that by viable, I mean able to make a living. Perhaps i used the wrong word. By viable, I mean lots of readers reading stories, lots of venues to submit to. Remove money from the equation, is it no longer an avenue for being noticed?
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