I have a completed novel that I'm happy with and ready to shop around but... I have some reticence about something. It's a romantic suspense, bordering on thriller.

As a woman, I can't stand all the rape culture and I absolutely abhor rape as titillation. But my book does have an attempt at the R word. She fights like hell and kicks his ass in an awesome way. I feel like it's cathartic and absolutely no glorification at all of the act.

The way the guy goes psycho on her fits the story perfectly. It affects all her decisions thereafter as well as her relationship with other people.

But there is a small part of me that thinks... do we really need another story where a woman is violated, or a man attempts to violate her?

It could be changed. There is wiggle room to make him nuts in another way and not a sexual predator.

Then I think well...it does happen. I myself was a victim many years ago. Writing this scene was incredibly cathartic for me personally. But now I'm having doubts about putting it out there. It's a touchy subject. I don't want to shy away from hard subjects just because... but then there is this part of me that thinks maybe we should shy away from this one since it is so pervasive in so many areas.

My scene is not too graphic. I don't write intense heat at all. But you do get the message loud and clear. There is no mistaking what he is trying to do.